Your Bucket List is a List of Living

copywrite (c) S.K. Watts

I believe that all of our hopes and dreams are worth the conviction that it takes to keep them alive and well, even when you are so weary as to be in danger of letting them go. Life is full of challenges, and many times there is nothing any of us will be able to do to avoid them. But within all the challenges and change we will all face on our journeys, we will glean wisdoms and strength to push through. And maybe even decide that some of our challenges were actually the pathway to gifts in disguise.

Bucket Lists are Lists. Which means you can add, subtract or augment them anytime you so choose. This is your ‘packing list’ for the trip you are making on your path we call your life. Pack those things that are important to you. Your hopes, your dreams, the things you are considering doing, even something you have no idea how to make happen. This last ‘thing’ might be the emerald you discover at your feet when you least expect it. It is possible that hope and joy, which improve our physical and mental states of being, are actually the light that will attract the things that you are seeking.

We all, from time to time, feel we have waited too long for many things we would have liked to make happen. But it is never too late to chase a dream and must remember that each day is the first day of the rest of our lives which are still essentially ‘a lifetime’ in the whole picture of our journey. And everything we have experienced are the breadcrumbs that can still lead us to where we want to go.

When you feel it is too late to do something, begin working on it as soon as you can. It’s the time in front of us that is the path that leads to our destinations and the happiness we find within the journey. Begin positive forward motion as quickly as you can. Tomorrow is a new day. Seize tomorrow time!

Add things to your New Bucket List as soon as you figure out what it is you want. You can condense them into categories when the list starts growing so don’t limit yourself to listing your desires.

Newsflash!! You can work on more than one thing on your list at a time. If it requires saving for something, ‘name’ the account you are adding to. “Like My travel and clothing fund.” Then give a fun nickname. Like perhaps Travclo. It will turn a mundane noun into a pet name you can care for and cherish. You will likely pay it more attention versus forgetting to visit it often.

This is the autumn season of our lives for most of us and we should be embracing this time as one of our favorites, even amid the newest challenges of our journeys. This is where we continue to ‘become.’ This is where we take all of the hats we have worn throughout the decades and see them as breadcrumbs left upon our paths that will lead us the rest of the way home. That point in our circle where we the present and future reaches out to become one with our beginnings. And it should include continuing to pursue your dreams, whatever they may be.

We are coming up on Thanksgiving and Christmas, which will quickly become New Year’s Eve and the time to list our newest ‘resolutions.’ From these, you glean many of those things that should be on your bucket list. Begin working on that list now. Life is moving quite swiftly and the new year is almost upon us. Begin it with a blueprint for the things you wish to manifest written down and viewed often.

I am looking forward to hearing from my fellow life tribe about the unique challenges of our time, and how we each live our best lives for at least a part of each day.

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