When is too early to decorate for Christmas?

copywrite S.K. Watts 11/01/2023

I believe IT’S NEVER TOO EARLY to decorate for any occasion that makes you happy!

Many of our mothers didn’t put a single decoration up until the Christmas tree came into the house in time for Thanksgiving. Which made sense. That’s when the whole cooking and baking rituals began, and the tree purchased then would stay semi-fresh until Christmas morning. We Boomers, however, have lived our lives quite differently in many aspects, and getting as much joy into the whirl wind speed at which our times were changing were cherished moments that began their own traditions.

Besides. We are all grown up now and can make our own rules!

I for one begin the very day after Halloween! And this year, it snowed on Halloween where I live so it seems so very appropriate to leap forward into winter! My friends and I usually begin decorating for Halloween in September, so it seems appropriate to begin now for Yule as well. I will begin after lunch today and by tonight be fully into the season of renewal and cherishing the people and the blessings we have been given.

For that matter…

Pull out your favorite holiday mug and begin the hot chocolate ritual early. Find a ‘make it yourself’ hot chocolate recipe to save money. Don’t forget the marshmallows!

Buy a tube of icing and decorate the store-bought cookies for now or begin baking early. Use the ‘keeps for weeks in the freezer’ recipes.

If you have never baked cookies before as a part of your holiday tradition, consider making it a goal this year. It will likely bring back many wonderful memories.

Gather the materials to make Christmas or Yule stockings with the grandkids; another tradition to begin if you haven’t already. Recycle the adult socks and decorate them with bits of decorations and leftover sewing supplies that match the season.

Consider making ornaments this year. Copies of old photographs you cherished small enough to fit in tiny frames; a pair of the grand baby’s outgrown booties; buy and fill the clear ornaments with collections of whatever makes you happy; don’t forget the pix of the pets!

And what about the tree you ask? Won’t it be too early for that very important aspect of adorning the house? I have a “Charlie Browntree which will serve until the tree I will buy potted and replant out of doors after the holidays arrives. It was a branch I collected on a nature walk last year and I will decorate it with small LED lights and miniature ornaments. It was the first tree in the house I bought last year, and although it required wiring back a broken part of the branch, it still remains a cherished ornament in my home. It will get decorated with tiny ornaments for other occasions in the upcoming months as well. It was a new tradition I began out of necessity, but our generation has been tweaking our parents’ tradition to fit our lives for a while, so I am proud it has worked for me. I know this because the tree makes me smile.

So, it’s never too early to adorn your personal world if it makes you happy! You’ve earned the right all these decades spent surviving the whirlwind speed at which we seem to be traveling to celebrate with all the happiness you can gather! We are all grown up now, and free to express our creativity and joy by creating new traditions of own if we haven’t done so already.

Party onward this season! Perhaps begin by packing up the Halloween decorations as soon as you see fit. Squash the real pumpkins and place them at the edge of the woods or the backyard where the birds and bunnies can find them for a winter treat. Dust off those Christmas and Yule decorations and begin a new tradition of your own this year. For one, beginning to enjoy them a bit earlier than usual.

Happy Holidays to you and yours, and may they be blessed with joy and happiness!

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