The Three Secrets to making your best New Bucket List for New Year’s 2024!

copywrite S.K.Watts November 2, 2023

The First Secret to a good bucket list is to be honest with yourself and just get it done! Folks still relate a ‘bucket list’ as being related to preparing for the end of one’s life instead of using it to be the best of your big resolutions, which are often your hopes and dreams you haven’t figured out how to make come true.

The difference between writing a list of ‘to do’s’ or making resolutions, and a bucket list is that the bucket list is the wishes and dreams you want to achieve in your life that surpass the things you want for your everyday life. Resolutions are those things you consider daily and weekly in your mundane life. Those that should be on your bucket list would be things like accomplishing that dream vacation or the one or two things you’ve been putting off that you can’t imagine having lived this life without doing. Attaining another degree or beginning a new business would be good choices as well.

The Second Secret to a good bucket list is to write out your resolutions for the New Year, which you can do anytime because every single day is after all ‘the first day of the rest of your life.’ You will separate out of this list of things you want to do some of the things that will then become your bucket list. It’s sort of an algorithm kind of a thing. Lol. You must be totally honest with yourself and do a bit of soul searching without allowing all the usual excuses and rational constraints to get in the way of you putting on paper what it is you really want.

For Halloween/All Hallows this year and taking advantage of the veil between the physical and spirit world being the thinnest of the year, I threw a little ‘tea’ for my mother and father who I lost in 1991 and 2003 respectively. At the very least, it was time I set aside to be by myself, relax and reflect on my life up to this point, and what I still wanted to accomplish and do and see. No reflection on how many years I might still have or being worried about how I might accomplish the things I still desired, but just about what was it I still wanted to have or do. Period. As it seemed too selfish to me at the time to feel ‘greedy’ somehow to be wanting things instead of figuring out how to be of service to the world around me, I began with my New Year’s resolutions as a starting point figuring I would sort out the dreams from the things I needed to just do anyway.

Now, I am a Capricorn. We get carried away with some of our traditions. One of mine has always been to write a resolution for the coming year, one for each year I have lived. I do not suggest you do the same. It leaves ways in which to disappoint yourself. I wrote 71 resolutions for the coming year. Did I think they were all doable at the time? Yes. Are they in reality? Probably not all of them them. The ones that fall into this this last category have been transferred over to My New Bucket list. That is how it works for me. You will have to figure out if this precursor to just writing out your hopes and dreams is necessary for you.

The Third Secret to a good bucket list is to not read it and be instantly discouraged you might not get it all accomplished. There should be enough items on your list so that some of them should be achievable, maybe not in the coming year, maybe not by any means you can think of now. If they are meant to be they will be. You can plan how to work toward the ones you can work toward after you ponder your New Bucket List for a time.

My own list included planning (and at least partially paying) and booking the trip I always wanted to make to England and Ireland by this time next year for my dream vacation in 2025. At this point in time, I have no plans on how to pay for this right now, or the savings to draw it from, but it is on both my resolutions list (the save a few dollars each month) and it is right up there in front on my New Bucket List. I will figure it out. Planning a trip with friends and going as a group will help with the costs. Onward and upward!

Like the resolution for each year I’ve lived, I wrote way too many things for my bucket list. But I think that it is a reflection that I can still dream and can maintain a positive attitude, so I’m proud I made the effort. And so should you be!

Think of your bucket list as the reflection of your hopes and dreams.

Revisit your hopes and dreams when you got out of school way back when we Boomers set out to change the world. Now focus your efforts to changing your own world and living your best life ever!

Party onward every chance you get. Live each day without regrets and make this coming year the best year ever!

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