The Sadness of Being Deemed ‘The In Between.’

S.K.Watts February 1, 2024

I’ve been sans a spouse or partner for almost a decade and a half now, and quite used to the thoughtform of it all. But then I have heat in my house, and despite a few times where I was living on beans and rice (not such a bad diet compared to what I would’ve chosen had the beans and rice not been my only option), I’ve been able to work enough to get by, or had friends and family who were there to bridge the gaps that some very disastrous and unfortunate circumstances caused my planned finances along the way. But there are so many folks in our world who cannot say the same, and for these, being alone is salt poured into the wound of having given all they had to give only to be left alone for their retirement years, sans the means to do more than just exist because they fall into that place between ‘poverty’ and ‘being okay.”

An article that appeared on the news today of a lady who has to turn her boiler off because she cannot afford the heat. She also has cancer, which makes the cold even worse to bear. This particular woman lives in England, but the scenario is all too familiar here in the U.S. as well. And yes, there are resources to assist folks with incomes below a certain amount, but it is the ‘below a certain amount’ that is the problem. So many people in this country make just a little bit over the limits of ‘poverty.’ Countless individuals aren’t able to afford to eat properly, keep the utilities going, or stay warm while battling end of life disease or loneliness issues. And in the midst of prices on everything haven skyrocketed during the pandemic years but never returned to the ‘pre-pandemic’ and more reasonable state of they need to be for the poor and those quite close to the definition, life has become rather hard for many to do anything but just survive from month to month with little hope of it ever changing.

It takes about a minute to research the income tables in each state that determine whether a person will receive assistance with health care, food, prescriptions, and many other very necessary aspects of living. It will take the rest of their lives for those who don’t qualify to see just how much making just over those table limits will cost them. And by the way, “Living” being an exalted state of existence in comparison to just being able to exist from month to month. And contrary to some public opinion, the lack of income and savings may be through no fault of their own, just the results of things that happened to them.

To all of the In Between folks I can only send prayers and continue to research ways in which to alert the powers that be that many of this demographic could use services they are instantly denied as soon as their income is identified. There is something quite wrong in this country when only the established poor are able to receive services that everyone should be able to count on. And that there should be an ‘In Between’ group that may not make it in the long run. I won’t scare anyone by making the comparison of being able to overcome the costs of healthcare or long-term care between the two groups I’ve mentioned. That someone has to choose between being warm in the winter or having dental care is already too sad to contemplate to my mind.

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