The Financial Future…

Say what?

S.K. Watts

No matter how much we wish to believe unicorns will rush in and sprinkle everything that is wrong in life with fairy dust, the plain truth is that we have to prepare for what could happen along with feeding our hopes and dreams and a whole lot of praying.

I for one, have little wiggle room to do much in the stock market or investments past those I have already made. However, this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be paying attention to those folks who are working as barometers for our futures. I’ve posted a link below, one of Suze Orman’s which might be worth the read. I will also be posting on this site any other financially related posts or news reports I see that you might be interested in reading. Until then… Happy Trails and may we all have a bright future!

Suze Orman: 3 Ways To Prepare for the Upcoming Financial Pandemic (

4 Ways To Protect Your Finances From An Economic Downturn – Forbes Advisor

How to Prepare for Fires, Hurricanes and Other Disasters ( Orman: These 2 Toxic Money

Behaviors Will Lead You to Financial Rock Bottom (

My Dad Was Diagnosed With Dementia. Medicare’s 7-Word Response Baffled Me. (

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