The February Stall

How to Reboot Your Resolutions for 2024

S.K.Watts 2/15/2024

If you’re anything at all like me, the month of February always seems to be ‘stalled’ after the whirlwind that were the holidays ending the previous year. January is most assuredly about ‘recovery’ from those same festivities, and it’s only about now that we begin wondering what happened to all our good intentions that were our new year’s resolutions like eating better, getting more things completed each day, or maybe starting that new venture that didn’t get launched the year before. It’s about now that we realize our old habits were comfortable. Comfortable is much easier than Change. We humans will usually choose what feels comfortable. And that is okay if you are totally happy with your life as it is. If not however, February is the time to get back on track.

I admit that I’ve been stalled as well. My monthly resolutions for 2024 included completing 6 paintings, writing at least 2 articles for my blog, and saving money for meeting up with my friends this summer. At first glance, an examination of the last six weeks would seem like an epic failure if not for a resolution I wrote that requires me to look at any ‘failure’ in this new year as an ‘opportunity’ to be my own cheerleading session section and get back on track. Today I will do precisely that. In order to harness my morning energy for this purpose, I will skip my mundane morning routine (except for feeding the pets and leaving not dirty dishes in the sink) and funnel that energy into my newest revision of my future to come. And for me, it’s about making a new template on which to relaunch 2024. Feel free to join me in a February relaunch…

You will need a 2024 calendar or planner, some sheets of plain paper (printing paper works), a pen, something colorful to highlight with (crayons, markers, colored pencils), and a clear mind. Most importantly is the clear mind. Choosing a point in the day where you still possess a maximum amount of mental and physical energy is absolutely necessary, and if you meditate to find your center, adding that to the quick prep for this mini journey. Grab a coffee or a cup of tea and sit quietly for a few moments and ponder how important it is to use the days and weeks and years ahead to your best advantage. Remember that it doesn’t matter if you’ve achieved ‘retirement’ from work or are still working. We humans have allotted ourselves 168 hourly increments to each week. Even if we spend 40 of them working, there are still 128 hours each week in which to live and we choose how you use them even if it sometimes feels that we have no choice. This is exactly why we are planning ahead to make changes in our personal worlds.

Part One is to examine the increments of days and weeks on your calendar. They are more than days or weeks and grid lines on a page. They are truly those sands in your hourglass of time. The future for most of us now contains less grains than the three decades behind us. And that is okay. It’s natural. It is how things work. And as the saying goes… “It is what it is.” You have decided to use them to your best advantage this coming year.

Revisit your resolutions (hopes and dreams) for your life to come. Revise or add to them as needed. On a blank piece of paper create three ‘columns’ and leave a small space across the bottom for a fourth.

Column One: This is where you will list your top priority hopes/dreams/goals that you will need to manifest with the investment of your own time, energy and money. Some of these may require letting go of something else you wanted as well after an in-depth evaluation of what you can actually afford in time, energy or financial funding. These goals will become your primary focus and be where you will funnel most of your available energies. Resolutions that don’t make Column One make become the other two columns after failing our personal reality tests.

Column Two: These are the resolutions that you would like to manifest this year but may take a bit longer to become reality. The resolutions that often land here are the ones that cannot be ‘funded’ by finances, energies, available time in the foreseeable future. They can, take their place in Column One whenever the means to manifest them become available, and you will continue to work on them where you are able.

Column Three: Here live the resolutions that you will manifest as bits of available time, energy and financial funding avail themselves. Like hobbies you’d like to do, small item wish lists, and even some of those you listed for time being in Column Two after you realize they can wait for down-the-road and they become more ‘hobbies’ that make you happy when you are working them.

Column Four: Here lives those resolutions/hopes/dreams that will only be manifested by prayer, luck or divine intervention. Like winning the big lottery or a total transformation that you aren’t working on with your higher self in an effort to move to the first two columns. However, I do believe in prayer, remodeling oneself to be able to ‘attract’ what it is I desire, and divine intervention. I’ve removed ‘winning the big lottery’ and asking to instantly ‘become’ who I wish to be from my resolution list and begun working on becoming my higher self and seeing the bigger picture of the future I wish to experience.

Part Two is to decide for yourself the parameters and timing necessary and then assign the goals in each column to your calendar or planner for the coming months. It’s okay to ‘pencil them in at first’ and see for yourself how well you are able to stick to your plan before writing them in ink. Most planners have daily and weekly places for ‘notes’ following the actual calendar pages on which to revise and remind yourself of where you are going.

Part Three is to make time for little celebrations each month when you’ve stuck to your guns and worked to manifest what you desire. Reward yourself whenever you complete a project. For example: I need to limit my sugar intake but allow myself a small piece of candy after completing a project that I enjoy with a hot cup of tea. Or I allow myself a nap. Yes, I said nap. It’s indulgent I know but feels so luxurious and takes the place of spending money that can fund the next hope, dream or goal I may have. Review and revise your lists often. Sometimes what seemed so very important at the end of the previous year was replaced by something new. It’s natural. It happens. It’s part of being human.

It is my hope that we all revisit our hopes and dreams and where it is that we are going often. It is how we refresh ourselves and how we grow. I wish that 2024 is a wondrous year for all, and that we each learn to experience the journey and gift that is the time we have been given. Make it a point in 2024 to live each day to its fullest and be able to call it ‘living your very best life.”

Happy Trails today and tomorrow as well…

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