The Blue Zone Diet

s.k.watts 1/6/2024

               Most of us probably promised ourselves to begin eating better in the new year, maybe even added the challenge to our list of resolutions. I know I did.  And why not? Eating healthy has reduces the risk of stroke, type II diabetes, some cancers, heart disease, obesity… the list goes on. I am sans any rabbit tendencies and must force myself to eat vegetables. But I do have to admit that a week of healthy eating makes me feel better about myself and the way in which I actively take of myself. And taking care of myself was on my New Year’s resolution list.

               So, what is the Blue Zone Diet? Quite simply, one that focuses on plant-based foods, eating less meat and more soluble fiber, avoiding processed foods, and eating more of the stuff we loved as children such as fruits and nuts. Yes. We’ve heard that before in other diets. However, I for one will examine and consider any diet from areas of the world where people are living longer disease free and enjoying life without worrying about what our food is doing to us. So here we are. At my challenge to myself for the coming months, and one you might like to explore yourselves.

               I have posted a link to the resources I am using for this journey and must remind everyone that I do not advocate or recommend any diet or way of life to my readers. Life is all about choices and just like choosing a new coat, one you must research and choose for yourself. You must do you. I will periodically be posting how my gradual change in eating habits will be working for me, and I still like the Mediterranean diet I was attempting to follow in 2023. I might end this new year using recipes that are the combination of them both. Who knows? That is the beauty of living. It is always changing.

               I am posting a link I use for the Mediterranean diet as well.

               For now, let me wish everyone a beautiful 2024 and hope we all consider many things in our lives that might change it for the better. Happy Trails to each of you.            

               Blue Zones Diet: Food Secrets of the World’s Longest-Lived People – Blue Zones

               Mediterranean Diet 101: Meal Plan, Foods List, and Tips (

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