Spring Equinox / Ostara / Happy Easter

S.K. Watts 3.15.2024

It’s Spring! Time to Kick Up the Color a Notch! And to do something a bit differently with those eggs as well as putting a bit of spring into your heart. Spring Equinox is a time for Celebrating Life, New Growth in all things, New Patterns and all the Colors of Nature! It’s the time to leap for joy like the rabbit under a bright moon and absorb all the vibrations of all the color energies around you. You are probably already coloring eggs for the season or planting the early seeds and bulbs. You might as well stop and absorb the wondrous energies of the season as well.

The first day of Spring and the Spring Equinox this year is March 20th, although it will officially happen just a bit before midnight on the evening before. We will enter the month of Aries folks when daylight and nighttime are in perfect balance. An equinox is a very good place to begin enhancing your creativity energies whilst embracing the balance. This would also be a fortuitous time to do your spring cleaning, work on a new project, take a nature walk or finally begin sticking to that exercise program we all find excuses not to do. Lol.

We can’t wait to begin to celebrate the new season of spring and hit our ‘refresh buttons.’ It’s time to reboot ourselves and find the balance we may have lost over the previous months when we were working with a color energy palate that was befitting the winter months. Spring has finally arrived, and with it, a whole new array of color energies woven throughout nature.

The time has come to remember all the associations we associate with the rabbit, symbol of fertility, abundance, new life, and utter joy. And the color energies we may have forgotten to embrace during the winter months. It is time to banish the grays of the last few months and celebrate brilliant color once again.

•So… Our theme today for this presentation is a ‘twofer.’ The Rabbit and the Egg. And we will do so by blessing and gifting our customary eggs and spring seeds in a little Ostara rite, and get those eggs colored for the Easter egg hunts as well!

The colors of the season are myriad, but some have become traditional for the coloring of the eggs. Hand painted eggs with intricate designs or patterns lend the artist the choice of colors or combination of colors as they will.

Choosing your egg colors are intuitive for you. They will convey energy and messages when you present them to someone else. The usual lineup of spring colors and energies…

•Red: Passion, New Life having birthed, Action, Love

•Green: Renewal, New Growth, Healing, Balance

•Yellow: Joy, Success, Abundance, Happiness, Renewal

•Purple: Inspiration, Spiritual Balance, Transformation, Higher Consciousness

•Orange: Bravery, Creativity, The Light of Life, Transition

•Blue: Angels, Faith, Stability/Balance, Loyalty, Movement and Flow

•Indigo: Higher Communication, Intuition, Deeper Consciousness

*White: Spirit, Purity, The Light of Day, The Presence of All Color, Illumination

*Black: Protection, The Blessed Night, Visual Color Unseen, A Place of Trust

When the absolutes known as black and white are combined together, the presence of them both provides a very effective way to convey the concept of Balance, which is the theme of the Spring Equinox. Even if color is in play as well, the mind still focuses on the absolutes.

Pysanky Eggs: The History and Tradition of Ukrainian Eggs (housebeautiful.com)

Patterns are another layer of energy, a means of conveying additional information. The above image and article are well worth the read. I so admire the women who have carried on the tradition of egg painting no matter what has been going on around them.

Repeating an image around the egg is also considered a pattern. Like the rabbit in the next slide. A means of carrying the eye in another direction after the mind reacted the color energies presented.

Once you have decided on your egg color, whether or not you will paint images on it or use patterns, it’s time to let your creativity go! Most of us use the coloring kits purchased at stores, but if you are into dying from herbs, using food coloring, or painting the egg yourself with watercolors, follow the directions on the packaging or research your chosen technique for instructions and safety measures before allowing your creative energies to flow. Note that painting your egg with paint is for artistic purposes only and not for consumption.

After your eggs have been boiled, cooled and dried and ready for coloring, be sure to assemble your supplies in a place where spills and splashes can be cleaned up without staining. Unless of course your new ‘multicolored’ top will be something you will wear once again. Lol.

Spend a few minutes envisioning what it is that you will be creating. Put on some music that feels like the season to you. Make yourself a cup of tea if that relaxes you. Then all that is left is for you do get to the manifestation of your vision!

Who are you painting your egg for? What are their favorite color energies? What are yours? Is this the year you decided to be brave and work with patterns? What is the worst that can happen? You eat the traditional egg salad a bit earlier with the eggs that didn’t make it to the showing.


•The humble egg represents new life born of that which has come before, the potential of hope and the joy of renewal. Resurrection of things you once thought were lost.

•The act of coloring an egg adds your personal energy and purpose as well as becoming a means of transformation and celebration.

•Painting an egg for someone else is an act of giving to another; an expression of caring. Caring and sharing is a way of expressing balance for another. Our seasonal goal.

•Egg painting is a tradition around the world. And not just for children at Easter, but for women, young and old who consider their art a form of honor and a way to express cultural heritage. Do research the cultures that have taken egg painting to a whole new level over time.

Now… Let’s do something a bit different. Let’s create ‘egg pots’ for our eggs. Not just a sure way to please the young ones but we older folks as well.

A very simple Ostara gift to yourself or another is to find or purchase a small pot which will hold the painted egg you create, a package of seeds, some slips of white paper on which you will write seasonal blessings of joy and balance, and some colorful jellybeans. I’ve seen the pots and grass and seeds and even the candy at the dollar store. *The eggs you will have to procure from a hen or the grocery store and properly boil and prepare them for the coloring and then store after in the refrigerator before the blessing rite.

LIttle potted eggs would be a fun group project to do with the grandkids. Spontaneous project parties are always in season.

Consider having an egg fest and invite friends or grandkids to join you. Immerse yourself in the color and designs of your choice. You can use food coloring or purchase the dyes (follow directions on the package), or even watercolors or acrylics as I’ve used above (which are not for human ingestion/art purposes only), a white crayon or marker to block out the color, and markers for after the dye or paint are dry. Patterns and paint in black and white are fitting for this equinox as well. Have some fun this year and do things just a bit differently.

Assemble your little egg pots in your own style; paint the pots if you so desire. I love jelly beans, so always put some around my eggs.

When you are finished with your egg creations, set them on a pretty napkin or tray on your table, hold your hands over them and say the following as you envision peace, joy, and balance surrounding the pots and eggs. You may request your blessing from a specific spring goddess such as Persephone, Freya, Ashanti, Cybele, Eostre, or another deity associated with the equinox or with the season.

“We ask a blessing on these seeds, that they will bring forth new life and all the vibrations of color that the light will reveal. And may we each continue to become symbols for hope, renewal, healing and abundance within the growing light. May we enjoy these blessings of wondrous color energy and share this energy with one another and may this season find us leaping with joy like the rabbit under the bright moon. May we be inspired to create and that our eggs nurture our spirits like the egg in which we all first began.”

A little spring rite is good for our spirits here and there. Especially when there are jellybeans involved… lol.

Some things to remember as we move further into the warmer weather and lighter months

•Remember this is new unfolding season is the perfect time for nature walks, meditations, making a ‘Spring Bucket List’, and spring cleaning of both your house and your head.

•Spend a bit more time with your people, your pets, and your hopes and dreams.

•Pick a color that represents Spring for you and paint a wall or a blank canvas with that color. Reflect on the energies of this color until summer when you will audition another color energy. How does it make you feel, relate to how you live, create, love, or share your own energies with the world around you? Explore a new experience. That is what life is all about.

•The vibrations from the seasons new color energies are inevitable. Enjoy them. That is a part of their purpose.

•Happy Ostara. Blessed Equinox. Happy Easter! Happy Trails…

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