Something for the grandkids…


S.K. Watts

Most of us have grandchildren, and some of us share grand kids and even great grandchildren with our friends. We’ve all noticed that the smaller ones especially somehow figure out they want to be treated like tiny adults at a very early age… in most things that is. They still want to hear a good story and cherish whenever someone has time to read to them. When my daughter was young, I was lucky to be able to squeeze a story in at bedtime because of working full time, driving around to after school activities, working some more at home since I did all the chores then, and the list went on. But we did get story time in, and it was appreciated. It’s a part of childhood where magic is made. These days it happens quite often that it falls on us to fill in some of what might be missed where we can.

There will be a short story, or a chapter of a book offered each week to read to the little ones. And for the kid inside all of us. Be sure to check in weekly to see new updates!

I have writing partner of twenty some years, and we love writing children’s stories. We decided that it would be nice to share some of them with you in case you are called upon to read for a young person something they haven’t already read twenty times. They’ve already been ‘kid tested’ so they read well, and we hope you and your young friends enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed writing them.

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