The Importance of Hydration

We human beings are made up of 50-70 percent water, depending on our body type, gender, and what condition you are in. And we all need to maintain a suitable level of hydration for our tissues and systems to work properly, which in turn assists us in feeling better and looking better as well as being able to adjust to the changes in our physical world as we age. Believe it or not, drinking water and maintaining hydration does help us look younger.

We obtain this liquid life-sustaining substance known as water from foods that we eat and drink. Mostly from what we intake as drink. Water assists us to digest, eliminate waste, keeps our skin and hair looking it’s best, and protects all the organs of our bodies from harm due to becoming dehydrated.

How much hydration should we make sure we take in every day? About 20-25 percent by way of our food (usually fruits and vegetables, and the rest by way of making sure we drink at least 8 cups of water in some form; water, sports drinks (comes with replenishing electrolytes), soft drinks, tea, and coffee. Although sugary and caffeinated beverages are the least effective way to hydrate and often make us thirsty in the process. A cup is approximately 240 ml, or the size of the average coffee cup, which how what I fill up for several different beverages during the day.

The average man requires 3.2 liters of liquid per day, and the average woman around 2.3 liters a day. How much hydration we require depends on metabolism, activity, and what size we are as well as other variables in play.

To recap:

We should each be taking in 8-12 cups of water per day between what we eat and what we drink; and at least half of it should be by way of drinking good old plain water. We will require more hydration when we lose more of our body’s water resource by exercising, being ill, being feverish, sweating, overheating, and any other activity that requires replenishment because we have used more of our precious water resource.

Tips for maintaining hydration:

Acquire a water bottle that you can carry with you throughout the day, whether you are working, working out, shopping, going about your daily activities. Keep track of how much water it holds and what you drink. Refill your water bottle as many times as it takes to get in your daily goal of hydration.

Drink a full glass of water in the morning to get things started since you haven’t drank anything throughout the night. If you take certain medications such as Levothyroxine or Thyroid replacement, aspirin or NSAIDs, this will facilitate the absorption of the medication.

Be sure to replenish any water loss when you work out or work up a sweat. Try drinking water when you feel tired throughout the day. Talk to your doctor if feelings of tiredness persist after sufficient hydration. Take your water bottle with you when you take your daily or weekly walks.

If you’re anything like me and don’t particularly love the taste of plain water, drop a sliced-up strawberry or a bit of cucumber into your glass/cup of water and pretend you’re partaking of an exotic form of designer water.

Remember that hydration keeps us looking young, which is something we all wish to achieve. The cells on our faces require their fair share of our water intake. It’s why many skin preparations are toting the term ‘hydration formula’ these days when they advertise their advantages.

Remember to take a water bowl and room temperature water with you when taking your pet on a long walk. Keep Fido’s water bowl filled with fresh clean water at home as well.

If plain water does not taste so wonderful for you, consider a water filtering system (aside from the ones that add salt to your intake) or purchasing drinking water at the grocery store. I sometimes add a single strawberry or slice of cucumber to my water. I can taste the difference.

And you may have some plants around the house that might need some water while we are talking about it. Lol. All life requires water.

Water really is Life!

Happy trails to you and yours and don’t forget to reward yourself with a water bottle you will want to companion with throughout the day.

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