The Cup

S. K. Watts updated 10/30/2023

I am going to venture a guess that most of us make some type of a connection to the simple things we use around our homes, often in the form of happy memories. Sometimes these connections remind us of a time and place that was familiar, whether it evokes a pleasant thought or serves us food for thought. It’s normal for us to take snapshots of our lives and include in the pictures those things that were a part of them. It’s a happy coincidence when those connections remind you of something you need to be doing now. That having been said…

I love coffee, so it’s only natural that one of the triggers to remembering in my life is a cup that accompanied me for many years. Since it also my ‘lucky cup’ one could say it’s magical to me.

A good friend gave me this cup at Yule many years ago. It has my favorite ‘animal’ on it, a turtle. Quite often while sipping my first cup of coffee for the morning it seems like I am instantly transported back in time, although probably the trigger was the coffee and not the cup! Today it took me back to a time and place where I was a bit more financially stable than I have been lately, and a time in my life when it rarely occurred to me to worry about where I would be now. Like most of us, I planned to be happily retired and living my best life how and when it worked for me. The possibility of working into my golden years hadn’t actually seemed a possibility. But the improbability has become fact, and my cup reminded me of that today. So when faced with forced to sigh and be reminded again of the reality, where do we all go from there?

I for one have often visualized the hourglass that holds the grains of my life, and I was always able to turn it over in mind from time to time, replacing the grains that seemed to have been lost for no good reason. I do realize that it is only time that provides with the answers and/or the solutions we didn’t see in the past. It’s that old ‘hindsight’ is everything. Or, “If I only knew then what I know now.” But time is quite cunning, and we don’t get to see the spoilers ahead of time on the internet. Too bad, too. It would change quite a lot of things for many of us. But then, we wouldn’t learn the lessons we all glean throughout this journey called life.

I finished my coffee and counted my blessings instead of going down the rabbit hole and compiling another list of the things I regret not having done, or the things that happened in my life that I had no control over. Instead, I made a list of what I do have that only requires forty hours of my time out of the 168 hours that exist in a week. I am grateful for the roof over my head, the food on my table, that I have a car to drive to the store and am healthy enough to be able to work. These are blessings indeed and will serve to me seeing my cup as mostly filled from here on out.

I am cognoscente of the fact that the time will come when I cannot do those forty hours and will continue working on the alternative to working full time that I have in mind. In the meantime, I will give thanks for all of my blessings and continue to dream.

I refilled my favorite lucky coffee cup and sat down to begin working on this pleasant Monday morning and will begin the day viewing my work as the blessing that it is. In the remaining 128 hours of the week I will live my best live doing all of the things I’d planned so many years ago. And all is well, because this is where I am supposed to be at this point in time.

I washed my cup out and set it on the drain to dry, deciding that I might dream that I flipped that hourglass over a few times more. The grains replaced in my mind will serve to remind me to write instead of watching old movies, paint instead of vacuuming the floor and dusting over and over, and to stop and have a cup of tea and watch the birds out the window here and there. Just because I can.

Happy Trails to you and yours! Live in the moment. Be a part of your own day!

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