Looking and Feeling Better About Ourselves

I think I decided myself when I was very young that when I grew older I would proud of the lines on my face and the story they told of my life. I always admired portraits of older folks who were portrayed as they were because you knew they were proud of those stories their faces told. Of course, I try and stay hydrated, shop for the perfect concealer for my skin tone and have eye shadows in a variety of colors. But I have also accepted that the older I get, the more I look like my mother when I was younger and thought she was much older. And that I have to place my eyeliner under my lashes not instead of on top of them because there is too much loose skin to make the line perfect anymore. And to be totally truthful, my eyes up that close cannot render a perfect line anymore.

But it is as it should be. We age. It is the tradeoff for being allowed to live all of the decades that we have lived. But aging is also a sign of having made the journey. And of acquiring wisdom and learning about grace. A fair tradeoff indeed.

My friends would always say that the older we get the more work it takes to maintain ourselves. I am not sure I agree with that statement completely. We learn to embrace our aging beauty as we continue onward on our paths, and that gray and silver, white or streaked hair is beautiful too. Which means less trips to the beauty parlor for ongoing touchups. We still require haircuts and the time spent with our hairdressers, so all is well there. Our skin changes from that of our youth to almost a gentler transparency which I think is beautiful as well. Which means we can embrace a minimalist approach to makeup as anything overdone looks very unreal at this point in time. I will say I have resorted to teeth whiteners as I have realized (my mother was right) that a smile is the best beauty application I own.

In the coming weeks we will be offering beauty and wellness tips in this column as they basically go hand in hand. For this first column it was all about keeping hydrated. Not only does this sustain our physical selves, but hydration shows on our faces and it’s a very good thing to begin at the cellular level whenever discussing anything about the body. Lol.

Please stay tuned for weekly additions to this column, and don’t forget to grab yourself a water bottle worthy of you keeping it filled and being carried around with you wherever you go.

Happy Trails to all my beautiful Baby Boomers who are aging gracefully and living their best lives!

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