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Technically, you were already and artist in kindergarten when colored in all the blank places in your scribble art creations. If you’ve been waiting all your life to become an artist again, there really isn’t any reason not to get going on that bucket list item now. After all, there’s not time like the present and tomorrow you could already be admiring that piece you completed today.

The cost of art supplies can be just a few dollars. In fact, the watercolor tins from the dollar stores and when they go on sale at the craft stores are well worth the minimal cost to get started. Brushes might require a bit more consideration, as the less expensive ones will often leave hairs on your work. Again, you can still find brushes quite inexpensively at the craft stores when on sale or when using coupons. Watercolor is inexpensive, and mostly you use paper to paint on. So much economical than canvas. I do get a better watercolor pad because I enjoy the way the paper works.

The watercolor and colored pen piece above took me a couple of hours, most of which was deciding where I was going in this sort of ‘doodle’ piece that started out just trying to play with the absolutes of black and white. I had no set plan when I began applying the paint, I just wanted it to be colorful. This piece brightened up a cloudy afternoon, and then became a piece of ‘art’ that covered a bare and ugly spot in my laundry room. Instant perc for the back porch laundry area!

I am considering doing some online classes, beginning with watercolor techniques in the near future. But for now, I will post some links that you can view that are ‘out there’ on the internet, and you can search for free classes yourself. Until then, have fun working with color.

Find the joy in allowing yourself the freedom to try out new styles. Consider beginning with just a few splashes of color and then get your colored pens out and see where that takes you. The great thing about art is that the sky’s the limit on subject matter and technique. Set yourself free… It came naturally in kindergarten and elementary school. Remember? All you needed was a box of crayons or some paint.

Happy Trails until we see each other in online to Make Some Art!

crayon painting
Peace Plant

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