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S.K.Watts 11.4.2023

As an artist myself I was thrilled to see an article the other day on investing in art. I am not a financial planner, so I am not giving financial advice. I do, however, remember a lecture in college that was given by a former New York Times Art contributor who described buying art as a good investment as it works in many ways like currency. Of course, he was siting the folks that bought art from unknown artists in the from the biggies such as Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, William de Kooning, Georgia O’Keeffe and Ansel Adams before they were the biggies. In hindsight, they made exceptionally splendid returns for any risk they may have felt at the time.

Art is an expression of our humanity. And if you can afford to do so, buying art can serve a multitude of purposes. If you buy a piece because it calls to you, you will be able to enjoy it as long as you own it. If you buy a piece of art that you can afford because you think it will be more valuable later, I think it will bring at the very least the same type of anticipation as when you buy a lottery ticket or invest in a piece of kitchen equipment that you believe will save you time and money over the long run. Consider purchasing from an unknown artist as a way in which to invest in someone’s future goals. That option for me would be the most satisfying.

But if you aren’t at a point in your life where you can invest in art, then invest in yourself and create some art of you own. Remember those doodle drawings we did in kindergarten with crayons? Take a trip down memory lane and do a bit of that. Doodle with the grandkids. I am fairly sure that no matter what you think of your own art, your kids and grandkids will think it’s something special.

Crayon on paper color wheel circa 2001.

I am posting the recent link that I read at the bottom of this article, and again, I’m not promoting or advising. Just happy to see that forty some years later, there are some who are actually suggesting making a part of your portfolio about art. Even if it is to share in the purchasing of it.

Remember to make it a point to look at art from time to time in the coming year. Art is an expression of life. It’s always a good thing to appreciate the expression of another. Peruse the internet, visit a gallery, make some of your own. It feeds the soul and might even stimulate your creativity. It doesn’t take a degree or even much training or experience to make ‘art,’ and you can always grab a box of crayons and create inexpensively whenever the urge moves you. Happy Trails to you and yours…

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