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S.K. Watts 7/30/2023 and updated 10/30/2023

This very first installment is basically some of my recipes for ‘making it through the week’ and conserving my energy for things I’d rather be doing than the mundane daily chores like laundry, cooking and then cleaning up afterwards. I will save the traditional food recipes for an upcoming addition. And on that topic, you should know that I can spend a whole afternoon watching Gordon Ramsay cook, but my own recipes are fairly basic. I will admit I am more into relegating meal prep to working around what I have to do than making having it be its own category in my daily activities. This probably means I am not that adventurous with food, but I can live with that. And I truly believe that comfort food can be tweaked and made healthier and closer to what it was when I was growing up. And even if I am eating by myself, I still need some semblance of ‘dinner with my family’ growing up, but something that now melds with the ‘no time to cook and still have time to do other things’ energies left at the end of the day that is my life. Lol.

Energy Saving Considerations

Most of us have noticed the energy levels reduction that comes with getting older, and if you’re still working, the ‘slowing down’ as the work week progresses. I’ve come to the conclusion that some things need to be ‘two-fered’ and even ‘three-fered’ so we can enjoy the free time we do have in whatever way we want. Doing two or three things at one time can work like energy conservation if we see it that way. And time is as ‘good as gold’ in our golden years. Worthier of our gratitude than currency.

That having been said… it is much easier for me to devote a little time on my days off to do the cooking for most of the week than to do it daily. Or even every other day of the work week if it comes down to starring at a movie or getting ahead on meals. Cooking for the week in a day does have the advantage of cleaning up the entire kitchen just once. Also, you heat the oven and the kitchen up once which saves on utilities. The same for house cleaning. I dedicate the same half of the day once a week as I always did but have allowed myself the right to say ‘not today’ for those little pickup maintenance work that I used to do diligently throughout the week but have now come to realize that I am the only one who the mess bothers. Unless an extraordinary amount of pet hair needs my attention, I let vacuuming go until the time I cannot stand it anymore, even living alone. It’s just a thought. But we all change our habits in regards to work and maintenance time over the years, and you just need to find the schedule that works for you.

I now do laundry all in one evening or day and use the time to zoom or talk to friends on the phone while I’m folding clothes or cleaning out a closet that’s needed tending to for ages. I’ve two-ferred finishing making a meal and even eating a meal together with a friend over zoom. There is something to be said about two ferring with new technology.

Today I rose to a clean house since I woke up at 3 am and completed some chores before going back to bed. I used the time during the day I would’ve worked on the house to enjoy a cup of Constant Comment tea while watching The Quiet Man with John Wayne and Maureen O’Sullivan. This is how I remember the good times growing up when everything was finished and my mother cuddled on the couch with her girls. And, there was plenty of time left to do some painting and working on my plans for bringing some of the things on my bucket list to fruition because I got ahead on my chores.

If you work a forty-hour work week, there are 128 hours left in the week to use as you see fit. I imagine I’m retired during those hours, and sleep and work and live them as if I was. It’s a change of mindset, but it’s been much easier for me to navigate the week and feel like I’ve accomplished something by the end of the weekend. Thus far, living like I’m retired while working is working for me! Why not see if a little mindfulness of the time you have for yourself and how you view it and use it works for you?

Takeaway recipe for this next workweek…

>Two-fer and three-fer where you can. Use the time and energy you save to reward yourself with peaceful moments. Or to talk with your friends. Read, relax, create something. It’s your ‘retirement’ time. Make it happy time.

>Sherry Challenge: Buy a box of old-fashioned cards that require writing them out and sending them by snail mail. Many of us cherish getting written communication and snail mail versus texts and email all of the time. It is something you can do to remember that it was a part of the generation that we grew and became in. It’s okay if all your addresses are now on your laptop or cell phone. The stamp you put on the envelope will never know the difference. Lol.

>Allow yourself time to sit and do nothing here and there when you are able. It’s good for the body, mind and soul. Put your feet up when you can. We aren’t forty anymore. This is good for our hearts. Read a book or a magazine if you haven’t done so in a while. Your brain and your eyes will enjoy the respite.

>Learn to relax and breathe in the world around you daily. I taught a 13-year-old dog to use the kitty litter box this week. The world is open to a plethora of opportunities. Including learning how to take better care of ourselves where we can.

>If you find yourself with an hour of spare time, take the time to remember all the things you wanted to do when you reached the age you are now. Write them down. Decide which ones are doable and add them to your bucket list. Write out that new bucket list if you haven’t done so already. Do it to refresh your hopes and dreams.

>Listen to music, paint, dance about the house… do something you haven’t done in months. Remember why you liked doing that something and make a pact with yourself to make it happen sooner versus later. It’s good for the you that you always wanted to be.

Happy trails on your journeys to come. Happy thoughts from me to you. S.K. Watts

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