revised 4/28/2024

This blog is dedicated to any who long to use their ‘retirement’ hours to relax and enjoy life. Many of us of the Baby Boomer Generation are still working come to realize the following:

Each week contains 168 hours. Even if you work a 40-hour work week. There still remains 128 hours where we decide what to do in our daily lives. While we are still working is a very good time to begin getting into the mind frame of learning to enjoy life more. If we’ve already attained actual retirement from our careers and jobs, we are including some tidbits of stories and information to sit down with that cup of tea and enjoy.

For the most part, most of us really are each in charge of how we choose to spend the hours of our weeks, months, and years, even if we are still working. I for one, choose to live these hours that belong to me like I am ‘retired’ when I’m not actually working. Living and doing all the things I planned to do when I finally reached this wondrous age where I can view the world through the decades in which I have lived it.

In the upcoming weeks and months this blog will strive to provide many different ‘recipes for living’ for our generation, including tips on navigating little bumps in the road like Medicare’s coverage stage known as the ‘The Donut Hole’ and other enlightening things we need to all know. Also, ways in which to improve our health by way of some tips for aging gracefully, suggestions to make the days go a bit smoother, learning to love the time that is yours to feel retired even if you are still working, and some fun stuff like art lessons for those who need to work their creative sides. There will be stories to read to the grandkids and some Seasonal Magics for the grownups.

There will also be seasonal offerings to inspire creativity or insight into the how we roll and the world around us.

It is my hope that our wondrous generation which set out to change the world (and actual did) will ‘keep on keeping on’ and that we all find the way to live our best lives ever!

Please bear with me as the website/blog goes up for the first time ever as I was leaving becoming technologically savvy for my next life but then I realized there was a whole lot of this life left to go! Lol.

New posts will happen weekly, and until then… Happy Trails to you and yours!


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