Happy Birthday Month Taurus!

April 19 to May 20 in 2024

The Ancients saw Taurus the Bull in the sky as a nurturer and stabilizer of the world around her. Yes, Her. Taurus is the feminine aspect ruled by the planet Venus. Taurus folks are described as being dependable, stable, materialistic, stubborn, reliable, patient, grounded, solid, loyal and very much into creating a comfortable place in their world with cherished possessions. Taurus is a stabilizing force in their lives and those around them. The emotional attachments of Taurus folks are quite strong, as are the energies of the season that is unfolding around us all.

We are continuing the playful and fun activity of creating personal astrological ‘wheels’ for each of the twelve signs, as well as creating an image for each of the celebrations that each season presents. You don’t have to be an artist to create a reminder for each of the seasons in which we live and grow throughout the year, or the journey we make within each. Just need to be willing to grab some inexpensive materials and pretend we are all back in grade school enjoying playing in color!

Some fun facts…

Favorite color: Green. Especially Emerald Green and the Forest Green. It is spring now, and green is ruling the landscape. But Taureans also love browns and that pop of red and yellow here and there.

Key Words for Taurus: “I Have.” Taurus loves their possessions and to make the environment comfortable while keeping the world around them filled with favorite things. They will work hard to attain what they wish to own. Taurus is also very generous, especially if they are able to give with love.

Taurus is Fixed Earth Energy. The time when Mother Earth is waiting for new growth to begin covering the ground and the weather to become once again favorable for living out of doors and exploring the changes everywhere that followed the winter’s period of rest. But it is also time to begin working the land and sowing all the seeds that will sustain us in the year yet to come. This is the respite between the spring that rushed in and the summer that will soon just appear as if it had never left.

*If you look to the northern skies now you can find the constellation of Taurus between that of Aries and Gemini. You might have to add a constellation/star app to your phone if you aren’t familiar with spotting the constellations without one. If you’ve been fortunate enough to spend some time at night outside of the city on a clear and starry night, you might just have already spotted Taurus. The bull will be upwards of the Belt of Orion.

*In Greek mythology, the god Zeus took the form of a bull to abduct the beautiful Europa whom he made his queen. It is said that Zeus transformed Europa into a star after her death and then turned himself into the white bull to join her forever in the heavens.

Taurus loves Harmony. Harmony at home, harmony pretty much everywhere. A Taurean likes to be in charge of making their own changes in their worlds. The Bull is not afraid of taking the initiative to go where they want to go to attain what it is they desire.

Taurus is Ruled by Venus. Therefore, Taurus can be gentle as well as very sensual.

*Compatible energies are Virgos and Capricorns as well as the water signs and often Leos and another Taurus. Of note; these associations come by way of the accepted norms as well as watching those couples in my own life who have managed to find and remain in love.

*The love language of Taurus might just be physical touch. If love comes by way of being able to own something they’ve searched for and decided needed to be a part of their world, more the better.

Gemstone: Emerald. Emerald green is the epitome of luxury in a stone and in a color as well. Emeralds denote wealth and belongings; something Taureans seek to surround themselves with.

Other Gemstones of Taurus: Carnelian, Iolite, Petrified Wood, Rose Quartz, Preseli Bluestone, and Red Coral.

You can research Taurus as much as you wish, but do so with the thought of bringing Taurean energies into your life that serve to bring you harmony, inspire you to take the initiative, and above all, seek to touch the depth that a Taurus will go to find true love and gift others in love as well.

Holiday during Taurus: Beltane / May Day. The ancients celebrated Beltane as the beginning of the summer half of the year where new life and new growth is begun, nurtured and harvested. There were only two seasons considered at the time. Samhain or the time we know as All Hallow’s began the winter half of the year.

Activities for the time of Taurus

  1. Write a list of things that you would like to do, have or ‘become’ this year. Then list them on your personal Taurus Color Wheel that you will create to assist you in keeping track of what you seek and find during this period this year. Next year you can pull out your wheel and continue to add to or amend as you grow each year around and embrace the energies of the Bull within you. Remember, you don’t have to be an artist to enjoy creating and bringing color and specific energies and images into your world. Just be open to the experience.

2. If you wish to celebrate Beltane or May Day, do a bit of research on each and create a fun image for this celebration as well that you can frame for the season and revisit next year when you’ve come to know the Taurean within you a bit better. The Great Wheel of Time rolls forward and I believe it is never too late in life to be a child again, or to enjoy color and discover which ones were so very present in your life whether you noticed them or not at the time.

3. Visit a thrift store to search for something Emerald Green. Anything. Or a statue of a bull. Something that will remind you of the season and begin to stir you to think of the influence that the stars and signs have in our lives.

4. Give someone a gift out of love. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Maybe even gift a friend or family member something that you need to share now while we are still all together.

5. Find something productive to do that has to do with this particular season. Most of us haven’t finished our spring cleaning yet, and some of us are rethinking the environment around us. Both inside and out. Narrow down some of the clutter in your home so you can see clearly the objects that mean something to you. Plant something in the garden that is beautiful. Venus rules Taurus and Taurus loves all that is beautiful.

Have a wonderful Taurus season and remember that everything in life is better if it is lived by sharing love. Harmony is good for the heart and the soul. Being steadfast in life is often how we find our balance. And remember that material possessions can be as simple as something beautiful that you cherish, even though it didn’t cost a thing monetary. It is always the thought and the energy that counts.

Happy Trails. Happy Taurus Season all!

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