Happy Birthday Gemini Folks!

Dates vary slightly each year: 2024 May 20th to June 19th

Happy Gemini birth month to all you folks who were born under the sign of the twins! Gemini folks are quite often imaginative and quite intuitive, and as any of us who has had the pleasure of knowing a Gemini, knows that they perceive the world around them by way of communication. Words, and how a Gemini perceives information, and the way in which messages are received are significantly important to Geminis. Having known many of these folks in my lifetime myself, I dare say I pay more attention to the way in which I word information to these folks than the other signs. Words may actually be a type of love language for some Geminis if my personal experience has taught me anything. And, as Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the winged messenger who is totally about communication seems to visit Geminis often, and even in their sleep if Gemini is the ascendent. A few fun facts about Gemini:

Key Phrase: “I Think”

Symbol: The Twins (see above)

Planetary Ruler: Mercury (Communication)

Element: Mutable Air

Energy: Masculine

Traditional Birthstone: Pearl. (Month of May: Emerald / June: Alexandrite and Moonstone)

Gemini is the Natural Ruler of the Third House of your Natal Chart. The house of communication and your community; of relationships with your siblings and your relatives. It is a house where you may shine teaching others about positive change, especially in regard to relationships. A place to practice the love language that words comprise.

We mortals like to assign compatibility likelihoods to relationships when speaking about the zodiac signs, and I would like to preface that it’s been my experience that there are no ‘set’ in cement rules about who works best with whom, although the traditional pairing models have done fairly well. Historically, many folks would say that Geminis work well together with Aries, Leos, Libras, and Aquarians… And with several other of the signs as well. Perhaps because most Geminis are adaptable. Some folks will calculate compatibility by way of how many houses they are apart from one sign to the other… However, it’s been my experience that compatibility also has to do with where all the energies that make up a natal chart lie.

For this month I am challenging anyone who does not have a copy of their natal chart to obtain one and begin looking to understand where the energies of each of the signs effect you in your chart. There are several sites online to get a free natal chart downloaded, and many of them do the interpretations for you. This might actually be a great way to think like a Gemini and explore your perception of the art and science of astrology. There is a plethora of books on the market on astrology, and I would suggest looking for one that serves as a ‘workbook’ as these tend to be more direct and easier to follow for me at least. I did a deep dive into astrology about twenty years agon and have come to realize I will always be learning something new about the planets, houses and the way the energies of the universe affect us in our daily lives.

Entering the birth month of Gemini is an opportunity to examine the relationships and everything else in the world around you like a Gemini, stepping up your intuitive abilities this coming month, and using these next four weeks to reexamine what you think it is that you believe you already know. As our next holiday will be Memorial Day, it seems fitting that this month’s fun activity of creating a Personal Color Wheel dedicated to Gemini should be in Red, White and Blue! I’ve added one I’ve started with all of the things I have researched relate to this sign and will further add ‘words’ that communicate the energies I will be working with as I go. Feel free to work your color wheel in whatever manner means something to you… My own quest for this month will be to Examine the World Around Me in an Intuitive and Rational Way, hopefully to actually see everything around me more clearly.

I will begin tomorrow by quartering out the weeks and adding my findings to my wheel. I now view each turn of the Great Wheel of the Year as an opportunity to reflect and learn and looking for the things I have missed along the way to add them to my experiences. I hope each of you finds something meaningful whenever you revisit the science known as astrology and all the energies that go along with each of the zodiac signs. It is by way of any associations in life that we find new wonders to add to our journeys and to color our worlds. You can fashion yourself a color wheel like the example and write all your experiences on the back where only you will see them.

Happiest birth month Gemini! Enjoy the change into summer and be safe and happier trails to all!

S.K. Watts

(The last time I downloaded a free copy of my natal chart was by way of Cafe Astrology.com

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