Happy Birth Month Pisces!

S.K. Watts 3.5.24

Happy birth month of all the folks born within the transiting of the sun through Pisces, 2.19-3.20! The sign is represented by two fishes, who in legend and lore, were in actuality the goddess Aphrodite and her son Eros who transformed themself to escape the monster known as Typhon who had set how to attack all of the gods and goddesses of the time. Aphrodite was connected to her son by a cord, which if you look at a representation of the Constellation Pisces in the night sky would look something like this.

I for one have never been able to discern the constellations without the graphics. Lol. So very grateful for their escape, Aphrodite placed the constellation in the sky representing the two fishes. The constellation is best viewed when the sun is passing through Pisces between mid-March and mid-April. There are phone apps available for you to locate and gaze on the stars and constellations, and I’ve found it quite the experience to delve into astrological signs more than just my birthdate and zodiac sign.

The twelve constellations (birth signs) appear above us as each year progresses as a reminder that humans have historically sought knowledge of how we have evolved, come together as a society, and need to move forward in our progression as a whole and also individually. Each of the signs have lessons and challenges we may all embrace that just might give us a little bit more insight on ourselves, the folks around us, how the world works, and where we are all going. A few little tidbits on Pisces…

Pisces dates: 2.19 to 3.20. The time where the Sun is transiting through this sign. Hense the term ‘Sun Sign’ in astrology.

Key Word for Pisces: I Believe. Quite a powerful concept for contemplation. What do you believe? About everything? How does the energy of this sign keep the whole thing moving forward? Worth some thought I think if you’ve never considered it in your birth month before.

Planetary Association: Neptune and Jupiter. Neptune is known as the Dreamy Planet and lends some explanation to the Pisces dreamer folks.

Color Associations: Pale Greens and Dreamy oceanic blues as this sign is mostly colored for Neptune who does appear this way in the night sky through our modern technologies. Modern day associations are also the colors of reds and beiges and browns in honor of Jupiter.

Modern Day Gemstone and Crystal Associations: Aquamarine, Lepidolite, White Marble, Purple Fluorite, Blue Lace Agate, Bloodstone, Crazy Lace Agate, Stromatolite, Blue Kyanite.

Associated Deity: Poseidon, Neptune, Vishnu, Inanna, Aphrodite, Eros (Cupid)

Personality traits of many Pisceans: Pisceans tend to be quite Imaginative and sometimes Intense. Highly Creative and prone to Idealization. Emotionally Sensitive, often Vulnerable. Pisceans are very Empathetic and Generous. Sometimes Escapists and Moody. Pisceans are known for being Compassionate and Intuitive as well as often quite Artistic. The ‘Dreamy’ side of a Pisces is to alternate between Reality and Fantasy, if only in daydreams and hopes and wishes

Things to work at whilst in Pisces: Balancing energies, Being Kind, increasing your Empathy, Being Compassionate, Spiritual Enhancement, Mindfulness, Creativity, Dream Working, Divination with Pisces stones, Connecting to your higher self.  And one of my favorites…

Element: Pisces is Mutable Water. It is changeable and flowing like the way koi swim in multiple directions. Pisces, all the mutable signs of the zodiac, are associated with the changing of the seasons.

Number: 7

Compatible Signs: Virgo and Taurus.

Associated Tarot Card: The Moon

Anyway, just wanted to wish all you Pisceans a wondrous Sun transition and birth month. Hopefully you will delve a bit further into your sign if you haven’t already. Let the key words of I Believe be your starter dough. The study of astrology can be a lifelong pursuit and most of us are just beginning to explore a science that can help us explain who we are and why we think the way we do. Until the next sign then! Happy Trails!

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