Happy Birth Month Aries!

Let’s embrace that bit of Aries in all of us…

S. K. Watts

March 2024

Aries those folks born between March 21st and April 19th and are the go getter fire starters of their sign and the zodiac as a whole. Aries energies love to begin new projects, forge new directions, and become the leaders of new beginnings. They are passionate, creative, strong, inspired and determined. They are not afraid to not afraid to jump into something new and are charismatic when they do so. They are perfect project starters as they often take the road less traveled because they are quite courageous. Like the ram that is the symbol of their sign, they are sure footed and rarely slip and fall, although they will get bored at times and move on when they believe what they are contributing has been finished. You should do your own research on Aries energies and personalities; it is a fun way to realize just how many folks you have in your circles that are shine when at home in their sign’s energies. There are so many lengthy and wondrous articles on the subject, so do explore some of them. I am briefly noting some of the Aries attributes and associations to honor the Aries folks and prelude to a fun little project you might want to undertake this month.

We all have Aries influences in our natal charts and all around us by way of the people with which we interact. It is often a very good thing to know a bit about what ignites the fire energy in these folks, as well as how we are influenced by that bit of Aries in each of us…

The month of Aries energies each year begins when the Sun transits through the sign of Aries. It is the first constellation of the Zodiac Wheel, and it is believed that when the ancients saw the Sun preceded this sign at the time of the spring equinox, that the year began here at the point of ‘new beginnings’ just as spring returned to the land. Aries energies can be embraced to launch new projects and take those ideas you’ve toying with over the last year and get them out there! A time to do that thing that inspires you and demands creativity, your passion and strength. And once again…get those hopes and dreams out there! For Aries is all about New Beginnings. Aries is the first constellation in the zodiac wheel and the sun can be seen preceding this sign around the Spring Equinox, so it leads the rest of the constellations through a year that the ancients saw beginning at the equinox that happens at the point of the first day of spring.

This is what this post will be about this month. Embracing our Aries energies and doing something fun to begun understanding the zodiac whilst within the Cardinal Fire influence of this sign that is ruled by the planet Mercury, the planet in closest proximity to the sun.

Mercury appears as a dull gray planet when viewed through the average telescope, but the newest pictures from the Jet Propulsion Lab reveals it is also a planet of Bold Yellows, Vibrant Blues, and Silvery-Whites. The traditional color for Aries energies is Red. Today, these other colors, including their complements on the color wheel have found their way into working with this sign’s energy and influence. Although, since the temperature of Mercury is around 800 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s no wonder we feel the red influence so well.

A few other Aries associations:

The Zodiac Representative: The Ram

Element: Cardinal Fire

Planet: The Sun

Planetary Ruler: Mars

Polarity: Positive/Masculine

Season: Spring

Key phrase for Aries: “I Am”

Aries represents the first house of the zodiac; 0-30 degrees of the wheel.

Color: Red. Although now Bright Orange, Bold Blues and Yellow as well as some of their complementary colors such as Purple and Green.

Tarot: The Emperor

Deity Association: Amun Ra the Egyptian Sun God of Rebirth who jumpstarts Spring, The Greek God Aries

Compatible Signs: Other Fire Signs such as Sagittarius and Leo, and Air Signs such as Gemini, Aquarius and Libra.

Exaltation: The Sun is exalted in Aires.       Fall: Saturn       Detriment: Venus

Traditionally, the stone of Aries has been the Diamond, and Aquamarine if you are born in March. In these new days of the Aquarian Age many more associations are joining what was once the only accepted norm. So, stones such as Amethyst, Ruby, Red Jasper, Citrine, Amethyst, Bloodstone, Crazy Lace Agate and even Aventurine have joined the list. As well as their associated color energies.

Workings within the New and Full Moon of Aries:

The New Moon in Aires is a great time to launch new projects and ideas, begin manifesting your hopes and dreams. Listening for messages of inspiration and as always, meditating and being in touch with your spiritual side. Remember to be grateful for what you already have.

The Full Moon in Aries is where you step back and review what you have created, reevaluate where everything is going, refuel what you are working for with additional creativity or be inspired to go in a different direction. Remember you are the leader of your life path. Keep it vibrant and don’t be afraid of being passionate about living your life.

There are some great projects you can try out in this time of new beginnings as well, such as creating your own personal color wheel for Aries as a visual reminder of your journey through the sign this year or taking up a new (or for the first time) technique for meditation, or divination. Personal color wheels are one of my favorites, as they serve to be a reminder of the list of things that I make for myself each month that need to be accomplished. And they are more fun than the usual lists that never get completed. Lol.

For example, I created this personal color wheel with a watercolor tin and some markers as a reminder to myself what I want to accomplish within this year’s trip though Aries; it took me about an hour.

Remember that a color wheel is something that you create for you. It is personal. Something for you to look at throughout the month to keep you inspired about your dreams. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just get the visual job done. I do mine on watercolor paper so I can keep them from year to year as testimonies of my willingness to keep going if I don’t get something accomplished this time around. There is always the next month when the Moon is in Aries as well to work. I hang mine up where I see it every day and plan where in the day to fit in what it is I want to see through to fruition within these starter energies. It becomes a visual monthly planner of sorts.

I’ve also created personal wheels as gifts for friends for what a season or a celebration of life means for them. This one was for my good friend Candace who planned her month around visual symbols, like the scorpion and the frog.

And one I did just for fun because it made me feel good on a rainy day. Sometimes the best thing to do when the sun transits through the zodiac is to sit and just do something colorful that brings you joy.

You might punch out your natal chart and see where Aries is in your chart. Figure out how you are influenced by these energies. Pick out one attribute you believe you share with this cardinal fire sign and create something that relates to the energy and something you want to manifest in your life. Be brave, do something new. Begin Anew. These are the energies in play this month.

Happy Trails and Happy Birth Month Aries!

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