Easy Salads for Laid Back Evenings


Who doesn’t love Gordon Ramsay recipes? I have to say watching Chef make any salad can get my taste buds craving for salad, and I’m not usually one for what I used to call bunny food. I have, however, become a fan of salads only a chef can come up with like the ones the man demonstrates in the link below.

These are great ideas for entertaining now that Spring is coming upon us and it will soon be time to sit out on the porch in the evenings and enjoy a light dinner, or salad with your favorite beverage. And of course, I always add a slice of crusty bread to the fare.

Watch the link and think salad the next time you don’t know what to serve for lunch or dinner. Happy Trails and happy salad season!

The Easiest Salads To Make | Gordon Ramsay (youtube.com)

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