Do you remember?

Your very first transistor radio?

I was driving through the beautiful woods of scenic West Virginia the other day as my car radio reception was going in and out due to areas of thick forest. All of a sudden, I was transported back to my very first transistor radio I received for Christmas many, many years ago. Lol. I was the luckiest kid in the world to receive such a devise capable of transporting me back in time and offering me the opportunity to be current on all the music out there in the real world. I would have been eleven years old at the time, so my world consisted of home, my family and school. To be able to ‘send’ myself to the world of the world of the Beatles and Rock and Roll was almost like experiencing heaven. And it didn’t matter if you had to point the thing in several directions to be able to hear and acceptable transmission on my end.

The commercial manufacturing of the transistor radio showed such a response in 1954 that teenagers all over the world would be asking Santa and their parents for one of their own. And along with American Bandstand, which every red-blooded teenager made sure to watch as well, the baby boomers were off to support the music industry as never before. I believe I kept my ‘transistor’ until it was lost in a long-distance move with my family just before graduating high school. By then, we mostly listened to our music in our rooms at home on larger version of the portable radios that provided improved sound, but reminded us that the times were changing as progress always has a way of doing.

Once in awhile, the new portable radios would go in and out of service quality if we carried them around, but these were moments that reminded many of us how important being able to listen to our music on our own, and the bands that provided that music were to us all. So all was well. Even within the static…

Sherry Challenge: Allow yourself 15 minutes this weekend to sit quietly with your eyes closed and send yourself back to the early days of being by yourself listening to the music of our generation. Find a memory that makes you smile. Hold it close. For these are the memmories that have shaped our lives.

Have a wonderful remainder of your summer. Stay safe. Play Rock ‘n Roll when you can.



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