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S.K. Watts / updated 4/8/2024

We all need some sort of creative outlet whether we know it not, unless of course we are very good at working through our need to create in our minds alone. Boomers have always been creative. And I do know a bunch of folks like that we were born to color outside of the box. Most of us have the need to visually see, touch and keep our creative endeavors where can. I will be adding some videos about making art to enjoy the process of making art in the upcoming weeks and months. Until then, grab yourself a box of good old crayons and get ready to enjoy some fun creating art joyfully!

You don’t need an art degree to create art. You don’t need a bunch of supplies. You’d be surprised at just how much to you can do with a tin of watercolors from the dollar store and a pad of watercolor paper. And art isn’t just about painting. It presents in a myriad of forms so there is always something everyone can relate to. And the most important thing of all is that it is fun! FUN is good thing and something we need to partake of whenever we are able.

I was filling up pieces of paper with color when I was a child, and still the same thing today, although it is watercolor paper and I’ve figured out that one can use acrylics on paper. I prefer the acrylics and they are more controllable, but I do love the spontaneous things you can’t control just as well. A good place to practice your intuitive color and painting skills is working on what I like to call ‘personal color wheels.’ I’ve added an excerpt of one of my classes below.

Personal Color Wheels

This article is to get you thinking about playing in paint like we did once upon a time and bringing out that earlier version of our joyful appreciation of fun. And if you begin a new hobby, all the better.

I for one love color and the word color alone evokes memories of my first box of crayons for me. I am immediately transported back to my childhood along with all the smells and sights and sounds. It’s a quick five minute or less journey I sometimes take for stress relief. I especially remember the smell of my sticks of luscious and fabulous color, and don’t mind the memory even though I have since found that this was actually evidence of their toxicity. I was a kid. Who cared then, right? I got a new box for each school year and was so excited when the Crayola revealed the 64-crayon box. And it even had a built-in sharpener! I was in heaven, and it was the first thing on my list I sent to Santa Claus that year. Some very famous artists have done works in crayon, and I will make one of those myself this year.

A Doodle Color Wheel like we did in elementary school. Done in crayon even… (Image 1) Crayon on watercolor paper.

So… What is your art niche? Have you ever thought of embracing art as a way to relax and unwind, to create something to feel good about? Coloring, even if it is with crayons is very soothing. Like watching fish swim in a tank which, and there have been studies done, lowers a person’s blood pressure. We all need some more calm and tranquility in our lives, right?

Sherry Challenge: Make yourself some play time. Visit the dollar store or your crafts store and grab some inexpensive things with which to create some art of your own. If you need a reason to do this, tell yourself you will be designing something for an upcoming holiday or event. Or to experiment with how you feel after you allow yourself to do something you might not have done since elementary school. We deserve the time we will grant ourselves and the walk down memory lane if you need another reason. I am enclosing some examples of quick and easy things you might consider.

Be brave and play with images and symbols of our era like the one at the top of the page. I’m going to work on image of a black and white television for the next time around… my child still thinks I made the concept up. Lol.

A Personal Seasonal Color wheel with your favorite colors and critters… This one was created for a dear friend to hang on her door to welcome spring in the desert… (image 2) Watercolor on watercolor paper. All it takes is to cut out a piece of watercolor paper if you are using watercolor or acrylic paint into whatever shape moves you, and then let yourself go creating whatever moves you. You can begin by doing what we did in elementary school and ‘doodled’ spontaneous shapes and then color them in, or divide the ‘canvas’ into whatever you wish (seasonal representations is also a good thing to try) and just go for being creative. You can do this!

I have given some of my own personal ‘color wheels’ to friends and family in lieu of greeting cards which have become very expensive these days. And they get something original from you, which is always a good thing. I am working on one now for the celebration known as Lammas, or first harvest.

Or go all out and play in the paint. My version of a mystical realm somewhere… (Image 3) Watercolor on watercolor paper.

The whole point is to have fun. Experiment, paint with collage applications; add bits of sparkle or tiny stones to your work. I’ve added colored sand before and that was quite interesting. And don’t limit yourself to dong things traditionally, think out of the box with your art.

Remember that the great masters of the times painted things that the world saw as way too simple. And these works are worth a fortune now. It only matters if you enjoy it. Have Fun. We’re still young and we deserve it!

Happy Trails until Art and Stuff again! S.K. Watts

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