Aging Grey-fully

‘Me’ in the 1950’s

We all age. It is the nature of living life. However, we do have the choice of aging gracefully (grey-fully) or choosing to square off with the process and buy in to all the media and fashion views of what we should be doing (and purchasing) to resist the natural process of living our wondrous journeys fully and accepting the years that we have lived. Our minds and bodies are a part of who we are. We often forget this though, focusing on how the world views us instead of focusing on how far we’ve come and evolved. Prescious sands in our hourglasses as far as I am concerned as I’d rather spend that time and my resources working on ‘becoming’ and enjoying my life journey each day, week and year of my life.

The ‘Me’ that is still a work in progress in 2024

Short and Sweet: Spend less time worrying about if you’ve covered the wrinkles that define the life you’ve lived and whether or not you’re wearing something that the fashion pages would approve of, and more time figuring out who you are now, where you are going, and how well you are going to live the life and journey ahead of you. Choose to use the grains in your hourglass of life wisely. A few things to think about in the coming months while you are eating healthy, exercising daily and living sensibly…

Find a disposable camera with black and white film and begin documenting yourself and your life. Black and White photographs are considered Timeless and Elegant and convey a sense of Generational Wisdom. These are the descriptive measurements worthy of our experiences and manner in which we’ve navigated our lives.

Your Bucket List is your New Wishlist. We all have goals, wishes and dreams we still want to manifest. So, write them all out on a piece of paper. Pick one or two and begin working on them immediately. None of us are guaranteed a tomorrow. The laundry and the dishes can wait whilst you do something for YOU for a change. Do it as soon as today, preferably before the mundane stuff that is not more important than you are.

The next time you apply your makeup for the day, think about what makes you happy in your cosmetic toolbox and not the commercial advertising world. The same goes for your hair. I am actually following all the new haircut trends for ‘what not to do’ in my world. I for one am not a cookie and will avoid cookie cutter haircuts at all costs. Your hairdresser will understand if they value you as an intelligent and self-fulfilled person.

May the universe bless you and may you wake up each day ready to enjoy and be grateful for the life you have lived, and my you continue to live it striving to become the best you that you can be. Happy trails and have a wondrous summer ahead everyone.

S.K. Watts

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