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The Sixth and Seventh Era: Beginning Anew

7/24/2023 S.K. Watts

This blog is dedicated to those of us who grew up believing in ‘once upon a time’ and are still hoping to make some of our early goals and dreams come to fruition. And to those who may still be working as well as those who have managed to figure out how to finally take the time to enjoy what we have called The Golden Years twenty-four hours a day each day. We are an ever-growing population who, whether we realize it or not, are still changing the world and the ways in which the very concept of aging is viewed as we keep on going and growing.

Life is about cycles, beginnings and endings that keep us rolling along. We all begin anew each and every brand-new day. And we do this in our unique ways which is what makes us who we are.

We have all traveled many unique paths to arrive at where we are in our lives today, and all of us now face the changes that time and world around us have offered us. But we are the Baby Boomers, so we will forge ahead and leave our marks on the world around us along the way because we the generation of being ‘really cool’ and we are the generation that went out to change the world in force listening to rock n roll and dreaming really big dreams. We are still changing the world as a demographic and in our own circles of daily lives.

As Boomers, we are living and working longer, beginning new businesses on or after retirement, changing how the world sees seniors, effecting beauty and fashion and living and loving in brand new ways.

It is my wish that we all wake up each morning with the energy and feeling we had the day we got our first driver’s license, danced at our first prom, graduated school and then set out to change the world. Which we did. And we will continue to be doing so for a long time to come.

It is my wish that we each continue to live our best lives daily and, in the days, and years to come as we continue bravely into the future ahead. I wish everyone health, happiness, prosperity, joy, laughter, and especially love.

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