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Like many of Boomers and Gen Xers, I am still working and committed to living my best life both when I am at work and also within the remaining 128 hours each week that are mine to choose to devote to being ‘retired.’ It is within these hours that I continue to do what it is that I love; painting, writing, hanging out with friends, enjoying my pets, and dreaming. All the things that make up the thing we know as ‘life.’

As life is more precious now for all of us, I believe that we all need to make the time for ourselves to work towards all the hopes and dreams that we still hope and wish we will make happen. And we should all be ‘living like we are retired with a bit of work in the middle.’ This means that whether we are retired or still working, we should give ourselves the gift of moving forward into our wishes and goals with as little regret as possible, the most gratitude we can muster, the occasional pity party when needed, and keeping our eyes on the ball at all times.

I am excited to get to connect with my other Boomers and hear how we are each working toward living our best lives the very best way we can. Happy Trails to you all, and may your journeys be filled with joy and laughter, love and excitement to begin each and every day with purpose.

S.K. Watts

Writer, Artist, Blogger, And Proud Member of the Baby Boomer Generation

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